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General Information and Policies

How to Register:

  1. If you do not already have an account on, make a new account on by clicking on the Create New Account button. Your new account will provide us with emergency contacts, allergy/medical info & more so we can serve you better.  Don’t forget to enter your cell number with the carrier so we can text you with any last minute changes.  Be sure to then add all the members of your household into the account.  Your new household account will provide you with registration history, financial history and much more.
  2. Click Choose Member then select a member from the list that appears. This will allow you to add activities to the cart for that member of your household.
  3. Click Change Member to add activities to the cart for another member in the household
  4. Click Check Out to review your shopping cart, and then continue to move forward with your order.
  5. Choose Pay Online or Create a Registration Form and follow the steps.
     If a Recreation Staff person sets up your account and registers your child for a program you will be required to sign a paper waiver.
Please keep your e-mail address and phone number for text alerts updated as most of our communication for program cancellations, changes, etc. is done via e-mail text message notifications.

If a program is full…you may or may not be able to register for the waitlist online.  If you mail-in your registration and the program is full, you will be notified and added to a waitlist unless you wish to withdraw your registration.  If not added to the program, your payment will be returned to you (if paid by check) or refunded if paid by cash or credit card. 

 Non-Resident Registration

Most recreation programs are open to non-residents. If there is a different rate for non-residents, it will be noted in the activity details.

Refund Guidelines: May vary by program and demands

Our programs are supported by participant fees. Cancelled classes due to low enrollment will be fully refunded.  Refunds will be issued in the form of a check if your payment has already been processed. We will not credit your credit/debit card for refunds.
There will be no credits or refunds given on any accounts due to a child being absent from any recreational program. If your child is absent of an extended period of time due to illness a doctor's note must be presented to request a credit or refund.

Fall/Winter/Spring Programs:
If you withdraw from a program two weeks in advance of the first class; a refund will be issues less the 20% cancellation/processing fee. Refunds will not be granted after the start of the second class except for medical reasons with a doctor’s note. Refunds may take 3-4 weeks for processing to get a check from the Town.
Summer Happenings Program: If you need to withdraw from the Summer Happenings program four weeks prior to the start of the program; a refund will be issues less the deposit. 
However if you withdraw after the session has closed; you are not eligible for a refund UNLESS your spot can be filled by someone on the waiting list prior to the start of the session.  If the spot is filled your refund will be processed less the original deposit (cancellation/processing fee).

Daytrip Refunds: There are no refunds on trips unless a replacement can be found.



Photo Policy

Unless otherwise notified in writing, the Pembroke Recreation Department reserves the right to photograph program participants for publicity purposes for fliers, brochures, and our web page.

Code of Conduct

Proper behavior by all program participants is expected at all times. Participants shall show respect to peers and staff, refrain from foul language, and be respectful of equipment, supplies, and facilities. Due to the COVID pandemic facial coverings are required if social distancing (6' apart) can not be maintained. The Recreation Department reserves the right to terminate individuals who cannot exhibit proper behavior.

Returned Checks: The Town Treasurer may assess a higher fee than what is noted here.  

Please note: There is a charge of $25.00 for any returned check.

ACH Reject Fee (Debit)

Please note: There is a charge of $25.00 for any ACH Rejection.

Chargeback Fee (Credit)

Please note: There is a charge of $25.00 for any Chargeback.


Credit Card Policy: Activities may be paid for at checkout by credit card. Payment is processed immediately.  We do not provide information to 3rd parties.

Credit Card Refund Policy: In the event of cancellation, your account will be issued a household credit if you have an outstanding account balance, or a refund will be issued if you do not have an outstanding balance. Please refer to the “Refund Guidelines”.

Late Fee: Two of our advanced programs (After School & Summer Happenings Day Programs) that allow participants to enroll for extended times and also allow for payment schedules. If payments are not received according to the schedule a late fee will be assessed.