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Recreation Commissioners By-Laws


    This association shall be called the Pembroke Recreation Commission.
                 To plan and provide for all Pembroke residents, worthwhile recreation activities
  • The membership of the Commission shall be nine (9) registered Pembroke
Residents appointed by the Select Board.
  • The term of office shall begin upon the annual appointment of the Select Board
  • Each year there shall be sufficient 3-year appointments to maintain the full compliment of nine (9) members.
  • Each year in May at the regular monthly meeting, a decision will be reached by the Commission as to recommendations for new members to be appointed.  These recommendations shall be forwarded to the Select Board and Town Manager by the Commission Chairman for their considerations.
  • In the event of the resignation of any board member, inability to serve, or absences without acceptable reasons from three (3) consecutive regular meetings, the Commission Chairman shall recommend to the Select Board, who in turn shall appoint until the following June 30th, a suitable and appropriate replacement to fill the unexpired term?
  • The Recreation Director and auxiliary members are ex-officio members of the Recreation Commission with no voting powers or authority.
  • Regular meetings shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • Special meetings as deemed necessary and posted shall be called by the Chairman, through the Chairman, or upon request of at least three (3) members. Three days advance notice shall be given to all members.
  • All regular meetings shall have a prepared Agenda and be strictly adhered to according to OPEN MEETING LAWS AND ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER.
  • All meetings shall convene promptly at posted time unless otherwise notified and conclude no later than 11:00 p.m.
  • The regular meeting in July of each year shall be known as the organizational meeting. The purpose of this meeting shall be to the election of officers, namely, the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Reorganization will take place after appointments have been made by the Board of Selectmen.  Committee reports and all other pertinent business that may need to come before such a meeting shall be presented at this time.
  • The budget for the coming fiscal year shall be prepared by the Chairman and Treasurer for approval by the Commission at the regular meeting held in October of each year.
  • Five (5) members constitute a quorum at any regular meeting or special meeting.
  • All meetings are open to the public.
  • No meeting can be considered official unless due notice is posted at the Town's Web-site
                  The officers of this commission shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected by paper ballot and a majority of the Commission; a voice vote may be taken if there is only one candidate for any office.  These officers shall serve for one year.
CHAIRMAN: The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Commission, seek to fill
                         all sub-committees represent the Commission at public affairs and shall        
                         maintain the dignity and efficiency of the Commission in all ways.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with parliamentary procedure as it applies to the committee operation.
  • Provide time in his or her schedule to consult with the Recreation Director on the drawing of the agenda and to prepare for the meeting
  • Start Commission meetings on time.
  • Conduct the meeting with the degree of firmness dictated by the situation. A general discussion might be better handled informally while a debate or a controversial issue would require firmer control by the chair.
  • Be circumspect in allowing each member of present his or her views while tactfully preventing any member from monopolizing the meeting.
  • Bear in mind that good humor can often relieve a tense moment.
  • To be the official spokesperson for the Commission.
  • To be sure that when speaking to the press or the public as Chairman of the Commission that the position of the Commission is represented.
  • To provide the leadership which brings individual Recreation Commission members together as an effective policy making body.
VICE-CHAIRMAN:  The Vice-Chairman shall assume all duties of the Chairman in his or her 
                                    absence and discharge responsibilities a delegated by the Chairman
SECRETARY:  The Secretary shall be responsible for and see that all members of the
                           Commission receives copies of the agenda, minutes, and any committee report at
                            least five (5) days prior to the next scheduled regular meeting.  The Secretary
                           shall seek approval of those minutes.
TREASURER:   The Treasurer shall give monthly reports to the Commission on all accounts
                            maintained by the Commission.  He or she shall act as the financial coordinator
                            between the Recreation Director and the Commission.  He or she shall the
                            authority to obtain the necessary signatures to process the vouchers for paying
                            bills and payroll
  • Realize that his primary responsibility is to the community.
  • Be willing to devote adequate time to take an active part in the direction of the
Commission’s program.
  • Serve at least one committee
  • Be loyal to the welfare of the recreation in the community and sensitive enough to bow out gracefully if not contributing.
  • Serve without remuneration.
  • Inspect recreation functions and equipment and bring a report before the Commission if found unsatisfactory.
  • Remember that you are one of a team and must abide by, and carry out, all commission decisions once they are made.
  • Recognize that actions at official meetings are binding.
  • Remember that he or she always represents the entire community.
  • Recognize and support a chain of command and refuse to act upon complaints as an individual.
  • Make decisions only after all facts on a question have been presented and discussed.
  • Act only on the recommendation of the Chairman and members of the board concerning a recreation problem.
  • Act only on the recognitions and support of the Chairman and members and refuse to act upon complaints as an individual outside the department.
  • Never be quoted or have in print any materials linking this commission unless authorized to do so by the commission.
  • Notify Chairman, Vice-chairman or Recreation Director at least twenty-four hours prior to any regular scheduled meeting he or she is unable to attend.
Retyped: 10/22/09 
Revised : 9-13-21 ( Selectmen removed Select Board added)