Please read carefully


The Town of Pembroke does not carry insurance on participants and assume no liability for injuries sustained while participating in our programs or on Town property. Participants participate in a number of competitive sports and by signing the release I recognize and understand the injuries can occur while participating and can be an inherent and unavoidable consequence of some activities. Having read this disclaimer I hereby consent to my participation and or my child’s participation in Pembroke Recreation’s voluntary programs or our participation on Town property and agree to hold The Town Of Pembroke, Pembroke Recreation, its commissioners, coaches, directors and managers harmless from any and all actions, claims and damages for personal injuries and disabilities that we may sustain or incur as a result of our participant in this program or event.

I understand that every effort will be made to contact the emergency contact person in case an emergency requiring medical attention for me or my child. However, if that person cannot be reached, I hereby authorize the Pembroke Recreation Department or the League coach to transport me or my child to the nearest hospital and to secure the necessary medical treatment.   By signing below I grant Pembroke Recreation Department permission for medical emergency authorization.  I also consent to the use of my or my child’s photo, video, artwork, etc. by the department for fliers, presentations etc.